The Heart of Being Human – in the Here and Now

The spiritual being is only held back by the human being. 

From the moment we are born we are influenced and programed by everything around us. It is as if we are put on a factory conveyor belt and every idea of who we are and who we are supposed to be is spoon fed to us by those around us and by our own reactions to circumstances. 


They teach us reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science. They tell us how to react, what to think and who to be. We learn religious doctrine, political propaganda and get degrees in institutions of higher learning. For those who are seekers, they also teach how to succeed in just about every area of your life, they teach how to be a more spiritual person, the law of attraction, and so on. The one thing they don’t teach – “how to be human”. 


By teaching others on how to become the best human being they can become, to understand their triggers, limiting beliefs and how and why they are wired to be the way they are. By allowing them the ability clear their nervous system from firing messages to their brain on auto pilot, but rather to consciously decide in the moment, we bring the human being into perfect alignment with the spiritual being, creating a “whole being”. 

When the human being and the spiritual being come into perfect alignment then and only then, are we able to access our full power as creators in this life. 


It is through becoming the best human being that all things become possible. 


Virtual Retreat -  4-hour Experience 




  • Music  - Intro

  • Mindful Practice – Setting the stage

  • Working with the Voice & the Canvas:                                                                                                                      Phase one: The wound

        Phase two: The healing

        Phase three: The claiming

  • Mindful Practice – Grounding the work

  • Music  - Outro

By Invitation Only